New Study: 2018-2019

Our new study is "2018 Snap Elections and Post-Election Political Agendas on Online Platforms in Armenia".

The study has been conducted with the support of EU.

Within the context of electoral processes, we studied:
• What general and specific characteristics could be revealed in the coverage of electoral processes by online media outlets?
• How the political race rolled out in online media outlets and on Facebook platforms?
• What specific messages were sent to the electorate by the political forces running and not running for the elections, by reporters, various social and professional groups and their representatives?
• What interest the audience had in the electoral processes and delivered emphatic messages?
When studying the early agenda set as well as the ongoing discourse about the power, we considered the following:
• What post-electoral agendas were set in online media outlets and on Facebook?
• Who are the ones that set these agendas – political forces, authorities, the public?
• What information environment and what attitude was there towards these agendas?

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