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Partner Organizations

Institute of Peace and Democracy (Azerbaijan)

Azerbaijan Committee to Protect Journaists “RUH” (Azernaijan)

Association of Azerbaijan Culture “Simurgh” (Azerbaijan)

Internews (Azerbaijan) 

Media initiatives center (Armenia) 

Caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development (Georgia) 

Peaceful Development of the South Caucasus (Georgia)

South Caucasus Institute of Regional Security (Georgia)

Georgian Center for Strategic and International Studies (Georgia)


Partner Mass Media


Yerkir (Armenia) – www.yerkir.am

Novoye Vremya (Azerbaijan) – www.novoye-vremya.com

Bizim Yol (Azerbaijan) – www.bizimyol.az

Zerkalo (Azerbaijan) – www.zerkalo.az

news agencies

News Armenia (Armenia) – www.newsarmenia.am

News.am (Armenia) – www.news.am

De-facto (Armenia) – www.defacto.am

ArmInfo (Armenia) – www.arminfo.am

Panarmenian (Armenia) – www.panarmenian.net

Turan (Azerbaijan) – www.contact.az

Vesti.az (Azerbaijan) – www.vesti.az

PirWeli (Georgia) – www.pirweli.com.ge

Tribuna.ge (Georgia) – www.tribuna.ge

online editions

Hetq (Armenia) – www.hetq.am

Panorama (Armenia) – www.panorama.am

Lragir (Armenia) – www.lragir.am

1in.am (Armenia) – www.1in.am

1news.az (Azerbaijan) – www.1news.az


Donor Organizations

The British Embassy in Armenia - ukinarmenia.fco.gov.uk

European Union – www.europa.eu

The Delegation of the European Union in Armenia

Open Society Foundations –Armenia – www.osi.am

NATO Headquarters (Brussels) www.nato.int

South Caucasus Cooperation Program of Eurasia Foundation  - www.eurasia.org

International Alert (London) – www.international-alert.org

Conciliation Resources (London) – www.c-r.org


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