Duration: May - September 2019

Support: The Black sea Trust for Regional Cooperation

Duration: October 2018- April 2019

Support: EU

Duration: November- December 2018

Support: UN Armenia

This project is aimed at the continuation of professional communication between Armenian and Azerbaijani specialists (journalists, human rights activists, political scientists, etc.) on the Armenian-Azerbaijani website www.publicdialogues.info.
The results of this project will be the analytical reports, prepared by Armenian and Azerbaijani authors on topical issues in Armenia and Azerbaijan, including the Karabakh conflict, international online conferences organized with the participation of Armenian and Azerbaijani experts and specialists from other countries on topical issues related to regional processes.

Partner  – Institute for Peace and Democracy

Duration - May - September 2018

Support: Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation (BST) of the G.Marshall Fund

This project aims to study the characteristics of media coverage with regard to the attitudes persisting in various strata of the Armenian society towards the “nation-army” concept, officially proclaimed and practically implemented in the life of the country since the end of 2016, but legislatively brought to public attention in autumn 2017.
Our 3-month monitoring of media products (namely, materials of 5 Armenian TV channels with national coverage and 5 highly viewed online media) in the course of public discussions is a research-based reflection on the processes that are most sensitive and relevant for the Armenian society as a whole and are related to the army and its possible reform.
Duration: October 2017 - March 2018
Support: the Open Society Foundation - Armenia
The objectives include: 
1.Studying the Characteristic Features of Election Coverage in Online Media;
2.Studying the level and the specifics of using Facebook social network platforms by all the political parties/coalitions participating in the elections;
3.Studying the degree of interaction of online media audiences, as well as Facebook users regarding the content on elections.
Duration: February-May 2017 
Support: The European Endowment for Democracy (EED)
1. То оrganize series of press–conferences for Armenian media with experts from foreign countries on NATO’s current priorities, relationship with countries in South Caucasus and other security issues. 
2. To organize internet conference/discussion with the participation of experts from South Caucasus on security challenges of 2016. 
Duration: May - September 2016 
Support: Public Diplomacy Division, NATO.




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