This project is aimed at the continuation of professional communication between Armenian and Azerbaijani specialists (journalists, human rights activists, political scientists, etc.) on the Armenian-Azerbaijani website

This project aims to study the characteristics of media coverage with regard to the attitudes persisting in various strata of the Armenian society towards the “nation-army” concept, officially proclaimed and practically implemented in the life of the country since the end of 2016, but legislatively brought to public attention in autumn 2017.
The objectives include: 
1.Studying the Characteristic Features of Election Coverage in Online Media;
2.Studying the level and the specifics of using Facebook social network platforms by all the political parties/coalitions participating in the elections;
1. То оrganize series of press–conferences for Armenian media with experts from foreign countries on NATO’s current priorities, relationship with countries in South Caucasus and other security issues. 
Aim: 1.Organize series of press-conferences for Armenian media with experts from foreign countries on topical issues of international processes and developments; 2.Study the sources of international information used by Armenian media.
Aim: Investigation of the New Integration Agenda of Armenia and the image of Russia in information space of th Republic of Armenia; organization of dialogues with the specialists from Rusiia and the European Union on integration processes in South Caucasus. 
Duration: october 2014 - july 2015
Aim: Organization of internet press-conferences for Armenian media with international experts, political and public figures about present issues in international politics 
Duration: september-december, 2014
Supported by British Embassy in Yerevan
Aim: study the practices, reasons and methods of using social media, in particular, the networks, as sources of public significance information, by the Armenian Mass Media, thus to characterize the new standards, taking form in contemporary Armenian journalism, their 

"Public Dialogues" is a new joint project of Region Research Center (Armenia) and Institute for Peace and Democracy (Azerbaijan).

With the support of OSCE Office in Yerevan Region Research Center has studied the pecularities of users and usage of social networks in Armenia. 
About the Speakers
Laura Baghdasaryan (Armenia)


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