06 September, 2016
On September 6, internet press conference of expert in the "Anatoly Sobchak Foundation" council member of the Party "Growth" Sergei Stankevich (Russia) for Armenian media.
AlexeyPortanskiy's picture
Alexey Portanski (Россия)
22 August, 2016
On August 20, online press conference of Professor at HSE Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs and leading researcher of IMEMO Alexey Portanski (Russia) for Armenian media.
16 August, 2016
On August 16, internet press conference was held with the director of the Center for Conflict Prevention and Early Warning (Romania) and former Adviser to the President of Romania Traian Băsescu...
02 August, 2016
On august 2, Internet Press Conference of Senior Researcher of Ankara Policy Center Burcu Gultekin Punsmann for Armenian Media.
AlexanderRahr's picture
Alexander Rahr (Германия)
01 August, 2016
On July 26, online press conference was held with the Political scientist Alexander Rahr (Germany) for Armenian media.
30 June, 2016
On June 30, internet press conference was held with the Analysts of the Polish Institute of International Affairs Konrad Zasztowt and Artur Kacprzyk (Poland) for Armenian media.   The press...
27 June, 2016
On June 27, internet press conference was held with the Vice President of the Atlantic Council of Georgia Batu Kutelia for Armenian media.
25 June, 2016
On June 25, internet press conference was held with the Senior Associate at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Paul Stronski (USA) for the Armenian media.
VasilSikharulidze's picture
Vasil Sikharulidze (Грузия)
15 June, 2016
On June 15, internet press conference with the former Ambassador of Georgia to the United States, former Minister of Defense of Georgia, currently the Chairman of the Atlantic Council of Georgia...
NikolaiKapitonenko's picture
Nikolai Kapitonenko (Украина)
11 June, 2016
On June 7, internet press conference with associate professor in Institute of International Relations Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University, Director of the Center for International Relations...


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