broers's picture
22 April, 2015
Broers Laurence
Online press conference with Laurence Broers, Research Associate at the Center of Contemporary Central Asia and the Caucasus, School of Oriental and African Studies (London).    
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16 April, 2015
Blockmans Steven
Online press conference with Steven Blockmans, senior research fellow at CEPS.  
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27 March, 2015
Sarym Aidos
Online press-conference with political scientist Aidos Sarym (Kazakhstan).             
gordon's picture
26 March, 2015
Hahn Gordon
Online press conference with analyst, professor Gordon Hahn (Hahn).      
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21 February, 2015
Natsvlishvili Beka
Online press conference with one of the leaders of The Social Democratic Party of Georgia, member of the Tbilisi City Council (Sakrebulo), political scientist Beka Natsvlishvili.    
yevseev's picture
13 February, 2015
Yevseev Vladimir
Online press-conference with Vladimir Evseev, Head of the Caucasus Department of the CIS Institute, DIrector of the Center for Public Policy Research, Academic Secretary of the Coordinating Council...
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27 January, 2014
Lerner Eriкa
Online press conference with expert Erika Lerner (Czech Republic).
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20 January, 2014
Rybachuk Oleh
Online press conference with politician Oleh Rybachuk (Ukraine).
HannaShelest's picture
27 November, 2013
Shelest Hanna
Online press conference with the editor in chief  at UA: Ukraine Analytica Hanna Shelest.  
koba's picture
23 October, 2013
Turmanidze Koba
Online press conference with Koba Turmanidze, director of Caucasus Research Center.



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