Social Networks in Armenia: Users and Usage

With the support of OSCE Office in Yerevan Region Research Center has studied the pecularities of users and usage of social networks in Armenia. 
About the Speakers

Laura Baghdasaryan (Armenia)

Laura Baghdasaryan is the director of Region Research Center. She professionally works on formation of public discourse and deals with the problems of public perception of information. Since 2012 she has been dealing with the role of social networks in the life of Armenia society.

Topic of the presentation:

Facebook in Armenia: Users and Using

Presentation of Օutcomes of Facebook Social Network Users’ Survey in Armenia
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Nataliya Gumenyuk (Ukraine)

Nataliya Gumenyuk is a freelance foreign correspondent and co-operates with a number of Ukraine and foreign media. She is a lecture of Global Media Systems course at National Kyiv Mohyla Academy. She is a co-founder of Hromadske.TV - a civic initiative of journalists to establish a Ukrainian public media system.

Topic of the presentation:

Social Media and Protest Movements
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Tamar Iakobidze (Georgia)

Tamar Iakobidze is analyst at the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information – IDFI and at the Center for Post-Soviet Studies. She participates in a number of policy studies.

Topic of the presentation: 

Role of Social Networking in Party Politics in Georgia
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Adam Przezdziek (Poland)

Adam Przezdziek is marketing and new media specialist, trendwatcher, founder at blog. Mediafeed was established 6 years ago and since then it became one of most popular blogs in Poland and one of the most important sources about marketing and trends.

Topic of the presentation: 

Non Traditional Use of Social Media as a Way to Promote Business:Facts and Examples
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Jed Miller (USA)

Jed Miller is an Internet strategist focused on human rights and open government. He was previously Internet director for the Revenue Watch Institute and for the American Civil Liberties Union, and was the first interactive editor at

Topic of the presentation: 

Ready or Not: Practical Realities for Digital Advocacy
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