Master-Classes for Journalists Covering the Karabakh Conflict

International Alert is organising master-classes and trainings for journalists from mainstream media in the South Caucasus. This series of master-classes and trainings is part of an initiative that will be focused on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. International Alert is looking for mid-career journalists from the mainstream media in South Caucasus who have been writing about this conflict.

The master-classes and trainings will take place at the end of March 2013, in the Balkans region, specifically Bosnia & Herzegovina.  The master-classes will be interactive and will be combined with training on conflict analysis. In addition, the fact that the programme will take place in a region that has suffered conflict and instability in the past will provide additional relevant context experience for the journalists. Meetings with prominent resource persons (former and current political figures, prominent journalists and analysts, civil society leaders) who have been engaged in the peace process will comprise significant part of the study trip and will provide insights that will further inform the learning programme. The final programme will be tailored to the needs and professional interest of the selected participants. International Alert aims to have the final group selected by 22nd February 2013.

Please send a nomination if you know local journalists who have been writing about the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict for mainstream media agencies including online media, radio and TV. Each nominated journalist will be approached by International Alert and asked to send their latest published materials. The final selection of the participants in the study trip will be done by International Alert. The decision will be based on the following considerations:

  • Merit of the journalists published work to date
  • The audience and circulation outreach of the media they work for
  • Potential and genuine interest of the journalist to develop professionally
  • Mid-career professionals (25-35 years old, although exceptions can be made for outstanding candidates)

All nominations should be sent not later than 18th February. The final group will be of 9-12 participants. Nominations and enquiries should be sent to:[email protected]

All costs of the study trip will be covered by International Alert. The initiative is funded by the European Union.

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