Armenia and Azerbaijan on the Crossroad of “Neither Peace Nor War”

Yerevan, Research Center “Region”, 2005

108 pages

In this book a unique material is collected on stereotypes of images of enemy and the partner propagated in Armenia and Azerbaijan, on the way people live, on the attitude of citizens of these countries towards each other and the surrounding world.

Analysis of results of the monitoring of certain mass media of Armenia and Azerbaijan, as well as surveys conducted among the population of the both countries, presents an interesting picture on complex processes taking place today in two neighboring countries of South Caucasus.

The book is prepared in the framework of the project “Armenia and Azerbaijan on the crossroad of” “neither peace nor war”: how to overcome stereotypes” with support of the Delegation of European Commission in Georgia and Armenia (Yerevan office).

The book is in Russian and English.

Concept and Project Author: Laura Baghdasaryan

Analyses on monitoring and surveys are prepared by

L.Baghdasaryan (Armenia) and A.Yunusov (Azerbaijan)

Translators and editors:

Foreword, Part 3 - M.Brown

Part 1, Part 2,  Attachment -  M. Barkhudarian, G. Adanalian

Data analists: M. Mkhitaryan, A.Danielyan

Design: S. Faramazyan


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