Caucasus Journalists Network

Yerevan, Region Research Center, 2005
Pages - 36
Languages: Rus, Eng
Author of the research: G.Bayadyan
Russian translation and editing: A.Khechoyan
English translation: K.Soghikyan
Design: S.Faramazyan
Caucasus Journalists' Network website has been on the internet for already two years. This is a website that has been created for the stimulation of the development of relations among mass media and the publishers in the South Caucasus. How well does it serve its purpose? How much have the creators of Net managed to realize the ideas behind the creation of the website? The present research is an attempt to answer these and other questions, bringing to light the advantages and the hortcomings of the website, as well as to discern the expediency of its existence and to reveal the possible tendencies of its further development.


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